Your Questions About Penn Badgley

Sandra Your Questions About Penn Badgley

Sandra asks…

When do the new issues of Entertainment Weekly come out?

It’s the new fall tv preview!
I want the ones with Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester together, and then Penn Badgley and Blake Lively on it. I hope I havent missed it!

sharad answers:

Omg. I wish I knew! I want it! Good Luck!

Ruth Your Questions About Penn Badgley

Ruth asks…

Do women really find Chrish Hemsworth good looking?

Even Bradley Cooper , Javier Bardem , Gerad Bulter, are too overrated.
Do women really find them that attractive.
BQ: Do women like Penn Badgley , I find him really lovely.

sharad answers:

Yes, especially in Home and Away.

Every man in western media is completely overrated.

There’s not one single goodlooking guy.


Michael Your Questions About Penn Badgley

Michael asks…

in the movie easy a, why did woodchuck Todd ride away on a lawnmower?

play by penn badgley.
do you know which movie?

sharad answers:

It was a reference to the movie Can’t Buy Me Love with Patrick Dempsey

David Your Questions About Penn Badgley

David asks…

Don’t you hate it when a celebrity you think you like is nothing like the likable characters they play?

Two guys in particular that I can easily say I have had this experience with are Penn Badgley from the Easy A and Topher Grace from That 70′s Show. Watching the movie and tv show made me feel like both of their characters seemed like cool people and ideal people to be friend or have as friends but when watching them interviewed i found Topher Grace to be a bit arrogant and penn badgley to be pretentious and not particularly interesting.

sharad answers:

I hate that ! Like edward cullen

Nancy Your Questions About Penn Badgley

Nancy asks…

Where can I get a jacket like the one Dan has in Gossip Girl?

I have been looking very hard for that jacket, but can’t seem to find it anywhere! Any help?
If you can find a jacket that also has a similar material, that’d be great.

sharad answers:

Those are called mandarin style jackets or mandarin collar jackets

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